At BaristaSource it is our mission to demystify coffee for everyone hoping to train in Specialty Coffee.

 It is our goal to make classes more informative and more accessible

 Every specialty coffee course we offer includes a set of challenging assessments that give learners the chance to earn a certificate. These credentials offer learners a far-reaching proof that they have crossed the baseline for professional specialty coffee standards. This formal certification adds to the career capital of a learner, and provides evidence to employers and to clients that a barista or owner has traversed the vast array of literature that we profile in all our online barista training modules.

For example, each barista course a learner completes they can choose to make their certifications publicly visible. This helps to strengthen a resume and BaristaSource’s reputation as researchers and barista course providers should provide that credibility to anyone looking to pursue a career as a coffee professional.

We are not subscription based. Once you pay for the course, you own for life!

Our online/in-person training courses are perfect for beginners and require no previous experience.

This level of training provides a first taste of the Barista discipline and is a great way to get insight into the skills required of a barista including;

which upon successful completion, will result in a BaristaSource Coffee Skills Certification.
  • Espresso Preparation

  • Steaming Milk

  • Maintaining a Clean Bar

  • How to set your grinder

  • Milk techniques

  • Health and Safety

  • Customer Service

  • Basic Business Practices

Meet Your Instructor

About Me

Kelley Smith is CEO and Founder of BaristaSource LLC, the Southeast's only fully accredited Barista Training Facility and Barista Talent Acquisition firm. With over 25years of leading diverse teams in the retail, Food and Beverage, and Speciality coffee industries, Kelley was ready to venture out on her own. She created BaristaSource LLC because after working for Specialty Coffe in various positions she personally witnessed the lack of promotional opportunities for Minorities as well as reoccurring issues with staffing and training within Speciality Coffe that continue to cause heartburn for the industry to this day.
To build BaristaSource, she brought together a core team of growth minded Veterans and up and coming Leaders to provide critical analysis and strategic planning on how to effectively solve the problem at hand in such a way that it can be replicated easily for quick scalability and at the same time, could underserved communities.
Kelley supports a diverse portfolio of 501c3 organizations that specifically support underserved communities, at-risk youth, and job placement programs for re-entry candidates.

About Our Company

BaristaSourceLLC., is a brand created to focus on training and job placement for underserved populations (At-Risk youth, individuals re-entering the workforce, minority coffee shop owners) in the Specialty Coffee sector. in addition to increasing the viability and sustainability of underserved communities, BaristaSource focuses on creating clear pathways to becoming a certified Barista while effectively addressing industry wide challenges for Specialty Coffee entities such as high turnover, training quality, and severe staffing shortages. We also launched our own roasted coffee line in 2020 in response to having to pivot and explore other opportunities within the industry to keep our door open.

Our online coffee school is centered around engagement and innovation.